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Android SDKインストール

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% sudo tar zxvf android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r2.tar.gz -C /usr/local/

/usr/local/android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r2/tools にPATHを通して

% emulator
emulator: ERROR: You did not provide the name of an Android Virtual Device
with the '-avd <name>' option. Read -help-avd for more information.

If you *really* want to *NOT* run an AVD, consider using '-data <file>'
to specify a data partition image file (I hope you know what you're doing).

avd (Android Virtual Device) を用意しないと駄目

android create avd -n <name> -t <targetID> [-

% android create avd -n two -t 2
% android create avd -n three -t 3
% android create avd -n three256 -t 3 -c 256M


作ったavdは ~/.android/avd/ に入ってるっぽい

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